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Aprender exists exclusively thanks to volunteers.
There are many ways we can help improve educational opportunities for the children of the indigenous community of Salinas de Nahualapa.  

*Current Opportunity! Posted Feb. 2012*: We are looking for a program coordinator to contribute 4 hours per day who can keep our library running effectively and efficiently and who can monitor and maintain the educational objectives of our foundation. The program co-coordinator needs to focus on the planning, implementation and assessment of short and long term goals and maintain communication with the program staff and directors. In addition to financial and fundraising responsibilities, the program director will act as the representative of Aprender both to the public, be they online or in the pueblo, and be our representative within the immediate Nicaragua community of Las Salinas. In the short term, the coordinator will be responsible for volunteers, but it our hope to find a volunteer coordinator to assume those tasks. For a full description of what is involved please download the PDF here.

Volunteering while here in Nicaragua:  Volunteers who have came to Nicaragua to work with Aprender have stayed for periods ranging from one month to over a year. Some of these volunteers ran tutoring programs in math and reading through the Library. Others taught workshops in the following areas: painting, dance, acting, puppet-making, paper-making/paper-recycling, theatre, film, yoga, macramé, and Tae Kwon Do. Additionally, we people have helped with construction and environmental projects. You can volunteer in many ways: simply contact us and we can discuss your proposal.
Volunteering from outside of Nicaragua:  Some examples of how volunteers have helped from abroad: people have donated school uniforms, school supplies, yoga mats, and books. This website was designed and is maintained by people working abroad. Some have organized their own fundraisers among friends and colleagues in order to buy books and supplies that someone then later brought to Nicaragua.
Volunteering empty space in your suitcase:  If you are planning to travel anywhere in Nicaragua and have extra space in your luggage, we may be able to connect you with others who have collected books or supplies that they are hoping to send to the children here in Salinas.
Info for volunteers in Nicaragua
Commitment:  For academic tutoring or running educational workshops, we ask for a minimum commitment of one month. If you are coming on vacation to our area (Popoyo/Guasacate) for less than a month and you would like to lend a hand, please write us and tell us about yourself, what skill/activity/idea you might like to share with the community during your vacation time. 
Housing:  There are various options. We can arrange for you to stay with a local family and you can experience life as it’s lived by the local Nicaraguans. Another option is to stay in any of a handful of the Nicaraguan-owned hotels at Guasacate Beach: 15-minute walk from Las Salinas (a walk which includes crossing a small river and lagoon at low tide) or a 20-minute bike ride on a dirt road. Other options range from camping to higher-end hotels not too far away.

Free Time: Las Salinas de Nahualapa is about a kilometer by foot (crossing a small river with no bridge) from the Pacific ocean, and about 3 kilometers by road. The beaches are beautiful for walking, exploring, with miles of white sand beaches, safe spots for swimming and also good surfing. In Guasacate (the name of the closest beach) there are a handful of restaurants. In Salinas itself there are volcanic hot springs which are great for soaking after a long day. Some other nearby activity options include: the Chacocente Wildlife Refuge ---  30 minutes away; Ometepe Island (with two volcanoes) and colonial Granada  City – both about 2 hours away;

Health: Buying a Travel Health Insurance in your country of origin is always a good idea.  Las Salinas has a “Centro de Salud” with a doctor who comes three days a week. Rancho Santana has a Clinic also, but we suggest that for any serious health problems you travel all the way to Managua -3 hours away-  to the Vivian Pellas Hospital (http://www.metropolitano.com.ni).

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