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Aprender’s Sponsor a Student Program matches committed sponsors with dedicated students from rural Nicaragua in order to help ensure a child’s long term education.  

Student Sponsorship is an effective way to make a significant impact in a single kid’s education.

Sponsorship not only makes attending school possible for many kids, but it helps secure a continuity in their education.  This is especially important in an area where the lack of continuity (missing weeks because you didn’t have a uniform or because nobody signed you up for school or because you had to take care of your baby brother ....) leads to many kids failing with their grades and repeating the school year. This happens too often.  Repeating the First Grade three times does not make for a good start.

Continuity also has a strong psychological component. When you know your education is going to be an ongoing part of your life, you treat it more seriously. So do your parents.

A sponsored student knows that various adults think her education is important: that they are on top of her learning process and progress and that if she’s having difficulties she can work with a tutor.

Sponsored students are boys and girls with potental who would likely not attend school without Aprender’s assistance, students who really want to go to school and want to succeed. 

A sponsor receives updates on the student’s progress and any relevant aspects of the his or her non-academic life. If a sponsor and student are interested in corresponding, Aprender will handle all translations and transmissions in order to best facilitate communication between languages (if needed) and to maintain privacy.

Your sponsorship can last as long as you want and there is no legal obligation involved. If for any reason you can not continue with the sponsorship, Aprender will make sure the sponsored student keeps attending school.          

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or would like to know more about this program, please contact us.

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