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Fundacion Aprender


From its beginnings Aprender has offered different educational workshops and classes to the Community of Las Salinas de Nahualapa. All of these projects were taught by volunteers who were excited about sharing their passions with our community.

Here is a sampling of projects to date:

art classes

Art Classes
2010, ongoing
Guided by Dawn Moraga (USA)


Surf Classes
2010, November
Coordinated by Kirsten Ekstrom, Brandon Ekstrom, Will Barrow, Kat Bramley, Whitney Mc Kinney, Sven Nyffenegger, Marthe Oyn, Mark Mc Crea, Anthony Robinson and Kellen Webb (Pismo Beach, California, USA)


Yoga Classes II
2010, ongoing
Taught by Gabriela Prado (Argentina)
Guest Teachers: Patricia Torales (Argentina) and Kari Lynn Nelson (Canada)

tutoring Learning To Write, Read and Do Basic Math
2010, ongoing
Taught by Mayra Martinez (Nicaragua)
english classes

English Classes
2010, ongoing
Taught by Isayana Carolina Rojas  ( Nicaragua)

guitar classes

Guitar Classes
2010, ongoing
Jason Reif, James Womack, Maja Kristine Ortiz, Juan Alcala, Tom Gordon (USA)


Arts & Crafts, Music, English & Soccer!
2010, July
Taught by Maja Ortiz, Ethan Parker, Juan Alcala, Danny Alcala, Natalie Budde, Dylan Bezudihut, Joseph Dhani  (Odessa, Florida, USA)

building closet library

Building Closet For The Library
2010, May
Coordinated and built by James Womack, Robert LaVelle, Marlon Cohn, Ella Bertram, Sam Huff, Eric Whitter (USA)

building community gardens

Building Community Gardens
2010, May
Build by Carolina Friends School (North Carolina, USA)
Prof. Robert LaVelle, Prof. Sam Huff, Prof. Frances Brindle- Students: Leah  Bishop, Joseph MacPhail, Alexander Ray, Eric Whitter, Mie Hirschfield, Larkin Cofeey, Fareeda Zikry, Ella Ferguson, Isabella Bertram, Marlon Cohn


Jewelry Making Workshop & Shirt Painting
2010, April
Taught by Jenny Munden, Rhianna Miller, Alana Harrison , Brett Barley, Casey Barley, Jackson Pullen, Daniel Pullen, Kate Pullen and Lee Munden (Buxten, North Carolina, USA)

theater workshop

Theatre Workshop
2010, February
Coordinated by Anneke Kina Schwabe and Marten Persiel (Germany) 

swim classes

Swimming Classes
2010, ongoing
Taught by Brianna Bambic (Idaho, USA)
Robert LaVelle and Ella Bertram (North Carolina, USA)
Kirsten Ekstrom, Brandon Ekstrom, Will Barrow, Kat Bramley, Whitney Mc Kinney, Sven Nyffenegger, Marthe Oyn, Mark Mc Crea, Anthony Robinson and Kellen Webb (Pismo Beach, California, USA)


Photography Portraits
2009-2010, December 2009
Patricia Torales (Argentina)

Yoga Classes I
2009, ongoing
Taught by Gabriela Prado (Argentina)

Cleaning Sessions of Local Hot Springs
2009, ongoing
Organized by the Library

Macramé Workshop
2009, February 20-21
by Fernando y Melina (Argentina)

Paper Recycling Workshop
2008, November / December
Coordinated by Santiango Scrinzi (Argentina)

Merengue Dance Workshop
2008, November / December
Taught by Cindy Castillo (Nicaragua)

Theater and Pupeteering Workshops
2008, July / August
Teresa and Emiliano Calcagno (Spain)


Art-Painting Workshop
2007, month of September
Hosted by  Dawn Gray and Berry (North Carolina, USA/Spain)

Tae Kwon Do Classes
2007, August / September
Professor  Bill Morton  (California, USA)

Filming of the movie “El Lorax”
2007, month of August
Directed by David Dorosko (San Diego, California)

Music and Talent Shows 
2007, May 13, December 22; 2008, December 20
Organized by Gabriela Prado and Cindy Castillo (Argentina/Nicaragua)

Tutoring Classes
2006-2008 Taught by Professor Cindy Castillo (Nicaragua)

Literacy and Basic Math Workshop
May 2006- May 2007
Taught by Professor Beto Casiva (Argentina)

Educational Games Workshop
2006, January to August
Taught by Leticia Moraga and Cindy Castillo (Nicaragua)

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