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The Librarian - The Book Collection

Aprender opened the region's first library in March of 2007. The library - Biblioteca Los 3 Ernestos - is located across the street from the town's school and is open to everybody, five days a week. It is a simple one-room cement block structure with a tin-roof; yet with hundreds of books and it represents a big change for the kids in a town where few houses have any books at all.

The Library offers more than 1000 titles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, art books, maps, as well as pens, pencils, paper, educational toys, and more. It’s an ideal space for doing homework: with wooden tables and chairs, reference books, and a knowledgeable librarian always willing to lend a hand.  

The Library has an inviting atmosphere for drawing, painting, or playing with Legos; and the tile floor is a nice alternative to the dirt floors of most local houses – especially in the rainy season when dirt transforms into mud.

The Library is a dependable sanctuary where a kid can find some attention and encouragement to explore, create, learn ... where the kids feel important ... where curious minds can roam in peace.

The Library also hosts on-going tutoring sessions and different educational activities:  to learn about them please see our Projects Page.

The Biblioteca Los 3 Ernestos is named after three Ernestos we admire: Ernesto Cardenal, Ernesto Sabato, and Ernesto (“Che”) Guevara.

The Librarian:  So far Aprender has only had one on-going paid position: the librarian. The librarian’s role is so important and time consuming that it requires a professional trained in children’s education who is able to make a long-term commitment. The librarian’s teaching skills are essential because of the amount of tutoring required.

During the Library's first two years, the librarian was Cindy Castillo: a Nicaraguan university-graduate, trained as an elementary school teacher with a Masters degree in Special Education. Cindy has been a big part of Aprender from the early days: she worked for a year and a half running various tutoring and literacy classes before the library even existed. Cindy recently stepped down as librarian because she was offered a job in Granada working with special-needs children: her specialty. Aprender will miss her,  but we know it is for the best and we wish her much success.

As the Library begins its third year, we have a new librarian. Her name is Aracelys Cruz Acevedo.  Aracelys is a young Nicaraguan woman with university training as an elementary school teacher. She lives in the neighboring town and comes highly recommended. We are excited to have her as a new key player on the Aprender team.

The Book Collection is an ongoing effort. We started with 150 books, and as of December 2010 we have 1500 titles available. This collection is possible thanks to:

Gabriel and Judith Levitt, Tessa Gunther, Scott Hagg, Adam Hazlett, Dan Davis, Aaron & Katie Cutler, Adam Haslett, Alex Sherwin, Angela Jerez, Arturo Guzman, Betty David-Ross, Brad & Martha Davis, Brown Family, Bruce Campbell, Carrie and Gibson, Catherine Carlton, Chris Delange, Cindy Castillo, Cynthia J. Stein, Daniel Scheimberg, David Dorosco, David Hans, David Reif, Debora Gorman, Delegado de Marena, Diego Blatt, DivotHit Portable Golf Mat, Donna, Douglas and Family, Dr. Leslie A Kory, Elizabeth Cowit, Emiliano and Teresa Calcagno, Emily – John and Michael, Eric Cassis, Ernesto Cardenal, Francis McCarthy, Friends of Susan Gregory, Gabe Levitt, German, Greg Zaidel, H. Smith, Hans Kruiswik, Harley, Hector Castillo, Hilaria Dantas, Isabel Fabara Curry, J. Oliver, Jaime Green, Jean Ross, Jeffrey K Norman, Jennifer Dochstader, Joel and Marie Pitt, John and Diane Durkin, John Womack, Jose Marchena, Kali Morse, Katchen Lock, Katy Sevilla, Kerl Lloyd, Libreria Rigoberto Perez Managua, Linda and Roy, Macky Corbalán, Marcos Solis, Margaritis, Mariela Lupi, Marlene A. Nelson, Mateo Prezzano, Mathew Elsner, Maximo Rivera, Melissa A. Clark, Odile Kory, Paloma Urrutia, Pierre Kory, Rachel Fletcher, Rev. David H. McAlpin, Revista Enlace, Robert and Kirsten La Velle, Romina, Ruby Starry, Santiago Scrinzi, SIMAS, Starry Family, Stephanie Dolgoff, Stephen Chambers, Valentina and Candelaria, Veronica Prado, Audrey Kirschenbaum, Jessica Reisman, Marc Gall, Rhonda Davis, Adam Haslett, Daniel and Kate Pullen,  Robert La Velle, Steven Chambers, Marlene A. Nelson, Eric Cassis, Odile Kory, Paul Rosell, Jenny Munden, Rhianna Miller, Alana Harrison , Brett Barley, Casey Barley,  Jackson Pullen, Daniel Pullen, Kate Pullen, Lee Munden, Erin Reese, FSD Tola, Joel and Beth Donovan, Whimey Moret, Espen Haugen and PRE, Eric Nicholson, Jim Newman, Ernesto Cardenal, Nicasio Urbina, Carolina Friends School, Dawn Moraga, Danielle Bluey, Michelle Crackerian, Maja Ortiz, Lisa Starry, Ethan Parker, Juan Alcala, Danny Alcala, Natalie Budde, Dylan Bezudihut, Joseph Dhani, Leah  Bishop, Joseph MacPhail, Alexander Ray, Eric Whitter, Mie Hirschfield, Larkin Cofeey, Fareeda Zikry, Ella Ferguson, Isabella Bertram, Marlon Cohn, Sam Huff, Prof. Frances Brindle, Dan Davis, Brooke Lehman.

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